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By using a series of invisible, removable aligners, Invisalign strightens your teeth with no metal or wires to irritate your lips or cheeks. Comfortable to wear...

Low Sound Dental Drills

The dentists drill - perhaps one of the most distressing sounds a person hears.

Ozone Caries Treatment in 20 Seconds

Healozone is the latest Dental technology that produces and delivers Ozone to prevent and reserve small or medium early decay; it is pain free, safe and effective!

Zyrcomat T Sintering Oven

State of the art Zirconium teeth including crowns and bridges are made on-site in our clinic, saving the patient days of waiting and completing the entire process in a matter of hours.

Laser Caries Scanning

Got hidden decays? DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic device that uses laser technology to detect hidden decays.

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