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Damon Braces - clinical case

This patient had braces for a period of time sufficiently long enough to completely straighten her teeth and recitfy her bite alignment.

Orthodontics - Damon 3 system

Damon braces offer quicker solutions compared to clear braces and even though they look more traditional, there are also full ceramic braces available, which are not very noticable at all, so if the patient is very conscious of how the braces appear, this is an excellent option.

Orthodontics - Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontics offers an excellent option for those not wanting to have a more traditional style of braces.

Orthodontics - Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner is another brand of clear braces that is available through our clinic. More competitive on price and with the same characteristics of Invisalign, it is a very popular option.