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Dental Implants

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What is digital implantology?

The virtual implant planning service consists of digital and virtual implant planning, knowing exactly how and where the implants will be placed. This allows us to be 100% accurate and to foresee each of the following procedures with precision.

But what is really innovative is that the use of this technology allows us to be minimally invasive, therefore less inflammation and better prognosis of success offering an excellent level of care and treatment.

3D Technology For Your Implants:

At Perudental we are pioneers in the use of highly advanced technology, 3D CAD CAM, in implant dentistry which involves the introduction of three-dimensional virtual assessments through the use of high definition tomography.

This technology is now being used for 3D diagnostics and virtual treatment planning. Another advantage is the design of 3D printed surgical guides for extremely precise, fast and successful dental implant placement.

The advantages of using this technology are enormous. We can thoroughly examine the patient’s bone anatomy, bone density, measure the width and height of the available bone, the distances between various implants and even pre-plan the second phase of treatment.

Types of dental implants

Full mouth, All-on-Six

We have an innovative system called “All on Six” which is the best way to restore an arch of missing teeth using six dental implants and a custom-made hybrid denture. This type of treatment gives the patient strong and durable teeth again, which means that chewing meat or hard foods, biting into apples and enjoying a good laugh with friends is once again possible.

How long does the treatment take?

Whether you are from Lima or from other countries, you will be interested to know how long it takes to complete one or more dental implants.


First stage: At this stage, you’ll have the surgical part of the treatment completed. We have great techniques in modern dentistry which allows us to do this treatment during one session so that healing occurs at the same time without the need to go back later and perform additional surgery or take another course of medication.


Second stage: We will manufacture the final crown using CAD-CAM technology also in a single appointment. Generally, this process is carried out 3 months later. The precision and comfort for the patient using this technology using highly aesthetic materials achieving an incredibly natural result.

In some cases it is possible to place the implant crown at the same appointment as the implant placement, but this requires certain clinical conditions to be met. In some cases the first stage (surgical) and the second stage (implant crown) can be performed in a single appointment.

Time in Lima? You should stay between 7 and 10 days so that we can place your dental implants and monitor the initial stages of healing before you are discharged.


First stage: You need to stay for 7 – 10 days so that we can place your dental implants and monitor the initial stages of healing before discharging you.

Second stage: You must stay for a minimum of three (3) day to allow for this phase of treatment to be correctly completed.

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