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What is a mouthguard?

Our mouthguards are custom-made in-clinic by taking a 3D optical scan of the mouth and 3D printing the mouthguard from special liquids. The design phase is the most important part of this treatment as 3D software and dental knowledge from our specialist team make sure your guard is a perfect fit for your teeth.

This is a transparent acrylic plate that is placed on the upper arch, in order to prevent the upper teeth from coming into contact with the lower teeth and to prevent tooth wear due to the friction generated. Above all, they help to combat bruxism.

When is it convenient to use the relaxation splint?

When Bruxism or teeth grinding appears. This is a disorder that can affect adults or children. It is an unconscious nocturnal movement of the jaw muscles. Thanks to the relaxation splint we can help to control this unconscious movement which helps to prevent wear and tear on our teeth.

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