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Teeth and gum contouring

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What is teeth and gum contouring?

Many times, contouring is all that is needed to bring out the beauty of the teeth and the natural smile. Patients often find that when they smile, they reveal too much of their gums or that the gum line around the teeth is not symmetrical with the teeth on one side, causing them to mismatch the teeth on the other side. This situation can often be resolved by correcting the position of the gums, although in some cases, it is the teeth that need to be contoured.

How is aesthetic contouring treatment performed?

Through the use of a diode laser. This procedure is quick and painless with an exceptionally fast healing time.

During a short appointment, teeth can be contoured to improve the smile line and make you look years younger. Tooth contouring improves symmetry by making subtle adjustments to the teeth and the alignment of each tooth. A tooth whitening session often helps as well.

If what you need is gum contouring, with the laser, we remove excessive or irregular gingival tissue and give the gums a new shape.

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